Sizzloz Restaurat 

Sizzloz Restaurat

Sizzlo’z Salad 

Sizzlo'z Salad


About Us


It all began a couple years ago when Adnan and Anita formed Sizzlo’z to bring you the juiciest and most delicious Peri-Peri chicken in town! With their effort and hard work within the past years,A Sizzlo’z has grown immensely to give you a vide variety of tasty food items to choose from. Both Adnan, Anita and Saba still building up the brand and promise to serve the best quality food to their customers like always.

Our Procedure

SIZZLOZ chicken is butterfly cut and is kept marinated for 24 hours so it gets a unique taste which no other chicken can get. Butterfly cut chicken is then flame grilled so all the fat is burned and then basted to get the original taste and AUTHENTIC ESSENCE OF AFRICAN BARBQUE.
With SIZZLOaZ sauces Lemon, Mild, BBQ Garlic, Hot, or Sizzling Hot, the chicken becomes the healthiest and tastiest chicken to eat.

Our nutritious and healthy food starts with the best and fresh products. All food produce used in Sizzloz is ordered, chopped and prepared on daily basis to maintain the highest quality of our salads. The frozen products are ordered from the top suppliers of Canada to maintain the freshness and the taste of our food.


Sizzloz brought the Peri Peri concept which was originally found in the southern part of Africa. A small taste of Peri adds ESSENCE OF AFRICA to the food and makes it magical. The heat of this chilli provokes a sense of excitement and tickles the taste buds beyond imagination. Sizzloz chicken is served with the sauces filled with proteins, necessary for strength and energy. Combined with any of our healthy and nutritious sides, Sizzloz meal is a complete and balanced diet.

We believe that the moderation is the key to any diet. Thats why you will find many delicious food items in Sizzloz menu to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

The quality of our restaurant is to sell the most delicious chicken in town with reasonable prices and proper quantity of sides. We ensure that our food is the most balanced in portion. Our Managers keep a close eye on the food quality and the portion that is being served so that customer gets the best quality food.